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Clinical Services

I provide psychotherapy services in my San Miguel office in Colonia San Antonio by appointment. If you would like to explore therapy with me, feel free to give me a call or you can contact me by email.

If you do not live in San Miguel de Allende, I provide psychotherapy services, in some situations, via videoconferencing. Please give me a call or email for more information. I generally prefer to meet with someone “face to face” initially before undertaking distance based, electronic mediated therapy.

My areas of particular interest are psychological trauma, the residue of childhood developmental trauma; transition issues in developmental phases of life; relationship and interpersonal difficulties; intimacy and emotional connection, addiction recovery, managing compulsive behaviors, and managing grief and loss. I also have substantial experience in working with anxiety and depressive symptoms. My approach to treatment is informed by my substantial training and experience in psychodynamic and psychodevelopmental theory and humanistic and relational approaches to therapy.

Feel free to ask about my credentials, licenses, training, experience, specific areas of expertise or any other information about me that is pertinent to your treatment. If you are seeing me in therapy, you are also encouraged at any time to ask about my thoughts regarding your treatment, progress or treatment plans.

When I feel there is someone in the community better prepared to help you, I’m happy to help you make contact with that person.

I have a work permit to provide counseling services in Mexico and I am registered with Hacienda.

I also offer ongoing clinical supervision or brief clinical consultation to clinicians in a variety of settings either in person or via videoconferencing or telephone. Please contact me for more information.

My fees are:

In office: 1,200 pesos for 45 minute sessions, 1,500 pesos for hour sessions.

Via videoconferencing to US: $90 for 45 minute session, $120 for one hour session

Clinical supervision: same as above

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Please explore the web site or contact me at:

Mail to:
220 North Zapata Highway, Suite 11-A
Laredo, TX 78043

Telephone in USA:

Office Address in San Miguel:
Avenida Allende #23-B
Colonia San Antonio


Telephone in San Miguel:

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